Minggu, 06 Juni 2010


thanks for the all you give me until today. you make me see the means of life. just you who only make me laugh, smile, and cry... only you. i know, that's so hard, but i must say it "sorry, but i must forget you, thanks for the all you give. i never regrets for this. i hope you understand me. i can't laugh, smile, joke with you again. sorry, this can make me hurting''yeah, i should say that. sorry if you hurting but, i hope in one day you'll realize the best for you. maybe HER not ME. trust me, you'll never regrets with her. she is better than me, that's can make you love her. i know we just FRIENDS. and i know my self as him girlfriend, not your girlfriend. so sick, to hold this feel but i must, i'm not make you hurting. just try to forget you and focus with my world and him. not you anymore. SORRY :"( i hope you'll get the truth. trust me.

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