Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

some fake things in my life.

kesalah, dosa atau apalah itu.
you are could not avoid it. you are just a human. you are not god. you are unperfect and you're not everything. and you're couldn't undo it.

Move on.
you mest move on from your fake memories. don't stay at there!!!

so difficult to do that. especially to forget people who can make us loving and hurting.
i know that. really very difficult, hurting, and make tears roll down. tp emg lo mau terus2an terpuruk? gak kan! so, try it!!!

fake memories.
That's really hurting, deep, gives some pain, and make tears roll down. to avoid that? huh you couldn't avoid it because that is part of your life. So, try to forget and move on, move on and move on!!

why some peoples look that difficult to do? because they're never learn to be patient and understanding what mean of life. forgive is the best part if you do it. so, try and practice it in your life!

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