Selasa, 22 Juni 2010


hello hello hello bloggy! i missyou so much unyunyunyu (???) oh iya ini lagi pengen ngepost! and topic this time is................."THE QUOTE FROM ME!!" oh iya ini dulunya gua nge tweet di twitter dulu trus gue fav-in dech hehe :3:3:3 cekidot~

Nobody can be who are you want. Because they're have a self who they are."

Sometimes i feel, i'll always right. I'll never wrong. And now, i see the act i'm sellfish.

Go far away that's make me hurting and drop my tears. maybe the truth is, move on and forget you :)

You make me down. But i know, the act is you give me help, to build my self.

i'm childish, so what? But i'll never wanna be they're person or copy they're self ha-ha

I know, regrets is always come late. So, i'll never lose you again if you come back to me.

Everybody always wanna be the first. But sometimes the first not always good

You. Make me down and make me fly. You know i love you, you know i need you, and i know, i couldn't get it all

I need your smile, your msgs, your care, your voice, and your love

Maybe i must remember this words "you just my brother. Not anymore" why? Bcause 'anymore' can make hurting. Not loving

Now, you're changes. You aren't growth up, but you're changes to be a bad person in my eyes.

Fire vs water. Absolutely, the win is water. Because what? Water brings the peace but fire brings the angry

I'll changes to make somethings new and better. i'll never give up to do that.

Friends can make me laugh, smile, and happy. And absolutley, their can make me down, cry, and sad.

I'll never know, when i dead, when i sick, when i fall, when i falling in love, and when i meet you.
gimanaaaa? bgs gak? hehe . okey see you next time ya! bye

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